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this is soooo not going to end well

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adddd me..

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Dude... I wanna stay.

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That is SO weird! My original post of this *back in July 04* deleted itself and just... posted itself again and all the comments are gone

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Friending you, I think you rock.

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friended you back.. but I think you may be sorry about that ;)

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Friending you. I just love your videos, have a few on my iPod in fact. Thanks.

Re: friend

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friended you back

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I'm not technologically-savvy enough to figure out how to do anything with your journal, but I LOVE YOUR ICON, and if you don't mind, I would like to postit on my LJ (crediting you, of course)...
If you do mind, I won't.

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Hi, Almighty Jenn, making of the incredibly awesome awesome videos... I swear I didn't just get your screenname from stalking, Valefleur gave it to me. I have a question for you, if I could request something CI related. Could you e-mail me:

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Ooh just found your area, can you add me? I love L&O:CI, Vincent and bad language.

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Lol. Okay. I added you.

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We have a few interests in common - Vincents Vaughn and D'Onofrio, Mark Ruffalo, David Duchovny, and X-Files. The funniest interest we share is "falsifying statistics". LOL. Anyone who posts 80% of the time about VDO/Goren and makes music vids as cool as yours simply *must* be my friend. Friend me back? ♥

Re: hello!

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Friended you back. =D


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I HAVE to friend you! I absolutely love you vid clips and I reckon you sound pretty damn cool! Friend me back?

Re: Friend?

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LOL, friended you back.

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It's TinyDancer862 from the boards, I LOVE your boyfriendz recaps LOL. Add me?

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Only if you add me first ;)

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friend me? we have the same name and that's way awesome. XD

plus, we're totally co-mods on Psycho Saula Heaven.

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lol friended you

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friend me? i'm nickie from saula heaven:)

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CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i just wanted to comment because I'm an LJ terrorist here to invade your journal with my aPOD!!

So watch out for the vanilla extract!!!

*breathes weirdly*

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*breathes weirdly*

You better not being doing what I THINK you're doing in my LJ!!!

Me: That depends... what are you wearing???

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:;sniff:: Can I come in and play?

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go nuts =)

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friended you.

(it's duke from the ai/ad boards).

btw, looooooove vincent d'onofrio and law and order: ci.

looking forward to hearing your rants about him.

if you let me, that is.


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Alrighty. Added. Im sure you'll regret it.

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figured i would add you.. we go to the same school.. i go to fMu south campus. add meeeeeeeee =)

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I went to N. Orlando.



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Hey Jenn
It's Emily, formerly known as emilia_11 on livejournal. I got a new journal. Add me?

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Hi, it's Juli. Add me?

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I had to come and check out what you did with the picture....I love it! They truly rock my world

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Hey. Can you add me? We both love VDO and LOCI!

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Added =D

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Hi, I added you because I love your YouTube videos of Goren.

Are the icons in your userinfo up for grabs? I want to use the Goren smile icon.

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Thanks =D

Added you back. Yeah, my icons are up for grabs as long as they're credited.

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I added you--please accept? :) Have been a long time fan of your vids on YouTube.

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added ya

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Returning the add, yo!

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